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About Us

Noah's Owners Mary & Liz
Mary Knight
Co-Owner, Noah’s Natural Pet Market
Pets: Star, an 10 year-old Kelpie Mix, Black Beauty
Sparky, a 4 year-old very mixed and cute breed

Hobbies: Gourmet Cooking, Travelling, Gardening, Writing, Nature Hikes

Background: Degrees in Nutrition & Communication, former pastry chef and teacher

Animal Education: Attended beginner, intermediate and advanced “Holistic Dog” workshops with Wendy Volhard in Charlottesville, VA and workshops with Jean Dodds, DVM focusing on vaccines, titers, nutrition and thyroid; herbal training with Greg Tilford, expert in veterinary herbal medicine and extensive research and reading on holistic healthcare.

Philosophy: I have always been passionate about animals but became inspired to learn more about animal health when my two senior Goldies became ill. I made the transition from studying nutrition for people to learning everything I could about diet and health for dogs and cats from a holistic approach. My new knowledge not only helped extend the life of my pets but kindled a desire to share what I learned with others. I believe that animals are our teachers. When we listen to them, they will show us where to find the answers.

Our customers are like our extended family. Helping them find just the right product or food for their pet is very rewarding to me. I feel like I make a difference for a person or pet every day. Liz and I strive to offer solutions to problems that are all natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to help educate our customers so they feel confident about the decisions they make for their pets.

Noah’s is a dream come true for me. Not only do I get to interact with happy, fuzzy creatures all day long, but I also get to meet new people. I feel extremely fortunate to be doing something I love!

Liz Oshant
Co-Owner, Noah’s Natural Pet Market

Pets: Dinga – a 15 1/2 year old Basenji/cattledog mix. My dear sweet joyful Vega, a Labrador mix, left this earth in April of 2012. She lived to be just short of 17 years old and only blessed my life for 6 years.  Momo, my Pomeranian/Chihuahua “pound puppy” left for heaven 6 years ago. Although he was in my life only four short years the imprint he left on me was enormous. A great teacher in such a tiny creature. I miss them dearly.

Hobbies: Beading, Gardening, Music, Reading, Hiking

Background: Interior Designer for 20 years

Animal Education: Extensive reading and researching. Workshops & classes include: Wendy Volhard’s intermediate “Holistic Dog”, Jean Dodds DMV “vaccines, titers, nutrition and thyroid” and herbal training with Greg Tilford, expert in veterinary herbal medicine.

My story: My journey toward becoming co-owner of Noah’s began when I adopted a tiny Mexican waif of a dog named Faya. In her later years I became frustrated by conventional veterinary medicine’s inability to help Faya with her numerous health problems. And so my reading and research began. I traveled from my Phoenix home to San Diego to find a Holistic Vet. The results from dietary changes and alternative care added quite a few years to Faya’s life. My lifetime dream of living by the ocean came true in 2001 when my family and I moved to Pacific Beach with our two dogs. (by this time we had adopted a 2nd dog). My passion/hobby of holistic dog care grew to the point where my family kept commenting “you really should be doing something with dogs”. In April of 2002 that opportunity appeared in the form of Noah’s. I feel blessed to work with pets all day. Sharing the information I’ve learned with our customers so that their pet companions lead healthy, happy & long lives is my second dream come true.

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