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Our Pet Products

The Store
Noah’s carries a variety of all natural, healthy pet foods and environmentally friendly pet products. Our goal, as a holistic pet supply store, is to research the best foods and supplements on the market and then carry only those products we have the utmost confidence in. Many of our items have been tested on our pets and even on ourselves! At Noah’s Natural Pet Market, we are always happy to discuss your pet’s particular needs and assist you in choosing the products that will enhance your pet’s health and well-being.

RAW Pet Food Diets

Dehydrated dog foodOur RAW Pet Food Diets are available in either completely balanced formulas, like Raw Bistro, Primal, Small Batch, Soul’y Raw, Bones & Co, Northwest Naturals,  Answers, Rad Cat and Stella & Chewy’s, or as plain meats from Halshan; created so you can add your own veggies, supplements and/or dehydrated food. All our meats and bones are hormone and antibiotic free and of the highest quality. We also carry My Perfect Pet which is a frozen cooked completely balanced diet.

Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Pet Diets

A newer innovation in healthy eating! Just gently dehydrated to retain all the nutrients, these foods are a great complement to the RAW food diet. We carry the complete line of San Diego-based Honest Kitchenʼs products including Verve, Force, Embark, Preference, Keen, Thrive, Zeal, Love and the newest food, Love. The Honest Kitchen foods are human-grade and ready in just 10 minutes. NRG is a chunky, dehydrated balanced diet made in Canada with human-grade meats. Choose from  Beef, Chicken or Wild Salmon. Sojoʼs, made in Minnesota, offers a Turkey or Beef dehydrated complete diet loaded with chunks of meat. Stella & Chewy’s, Ziwi Peak, Nourish, Real Meat & K9 Naturals are also a wise choice.  Theyʼre all great!

Dry and Canned Dog & Cat Food Diets

Our dry and canned foods contain no corn, wheat or soy, by-products or harmful additives, coloring agents or sugars. All are natural and nutritious. We carry an assortment of proteins for allergy-prone pets.

Nutri Source Canidae Lotus
Farmina Weruva Merrick
Pure Vita Natural Balance Kasiks
Orijen Taste of the Wild Tiki Cat & Dog
Acana Ziwi Peak Horizon’s Pulsar & Legacy
Open Farm Fromm                                                                         N & D Farmina

Healthy Pet Treats

dog treatsNoah’s promotes healthy treats that are all natural and digestible. We carry a large selection of grain-free treats. Our bully sticks are USDA graded and do not stink! Try our Primal, Small Batch and Bravo frozen marrow bones and clean your dog’s teeth while occupying your pet for hours! We also carry lots of training treats to reward positive behavior.

Supplements, Herbal Tinctures and Essences

supplementsVitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, goat’s milk, bone broth, herbal tinctures and flower essences can enhance your pet’s physical being as well as influence their emotional well-being.

  • Animal Essentials
  • Animals Apawthecary
  • Azmira Holistic Animal Care
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • DGP
  • Green Hope Farm Essences
  • Healthforce Nutritionals (Green Mush)
  • Herbsmith
  • Liquid Health
  • Mushroom Matrix
  • Natural Path Colloidal Silver
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Organic Pet Superfood
  • Pet Naturals
  • Prozyme
  • Pet Wellness
  • Seacure
  • Imutek Colostrum
  • Wholistic Pet
  • Willard Water

Grooming Accessories

Noah’s carries all the tools and supplies necessary to keep your pet looking sharp including: shampoos, conditioners, shed blades, rakes, brushes, flea combs, ear cleaners, nail clippers, toothbrushes and paste and even between bath spritzers!

Collars and Leashes

collars and leashesOur styles include Bison, Lupine, Cetacea, Upcountry, Elmoʼs Closet, RC Pet Products, Silver Foot and Ruff Wear: colorful, sturdy and innovative collars and leashes in addition to our regular selection are sure to compliment your pet’s personality.

Flea Control Products

Noah’s believes that when battling fleas you must tackle the environment as well as the animal. We offer alternatives to pesticides such as Azmira Neem Spray, Neem Oil, Flea Free, Lavender Oil, Buck Mountain and Wondercide’s flea & tick spray for exterior skin care treatment. Diatomaceous Earth rids your house of fleas and Flea Treats, Flea Free and Garlic Capsules help repel fleas from the inside.

Pet Training Equipment

dog packsNew for the active, outdoor and sporting dog! The right equipment can make training fun! Our selection of long line leads, Martingale collars, Dolan’s Doodads Wonder Walker Body Halter (Harness) and more, can make life easier for you and your dog.

We proudly carry Ruff Wear Backpacks, Frisbees, Gordo toys, Webmaster Harnesses and the K-9 Float Coat which we recently tested and loved.

We encourage our furry friends to try on these well-made products to see how great they fit and how soft and comfortable they are.

Fun Pet Stuff

pet toysWhat pet doesn’t love toys? Kongs, squeaky balls, chuck-its, treat meters, Tuffies, soft & fuzzy animals, frisbees and much more fill our shelves!